Dear Parents,

I am glad you are here and that is because you too feel a stake in future of our youth. Congratulations for taking the first step in reaching out to explore the infinite and futuristic possibilities with STEM for young minds!

There is no doubt that today’s jobs require a quality education, including strong science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curricula. A robust STEM education creates critical thinkers, problem solvers, and produces the next generation of innovators. Such jobs are growing at a fast pace and currently outpacing these graduates. Can we do something to spark an interest? Research shows that children develop interest in STEM fields at an average age of 8. What if we focused our energies in exposing children to the wonders of STEM early on i.e. in elementary and middle schools? What if, this early engagement with STEM was fun and connected with the real world of engineering and business?

A few years ago I quit my 9-6 corporate job to focus on education in search of these answers. Finding solutions and clearing the way to bring creativity and innovation through STEM to young children has been my most purposeful and cherished journey. The experience and satisfaction surpassed even my most successful feats during my corporate career i.e. working on cutting edge technical innovations as an engineer,

Since founding Robofun in 2015, we have touched thousands of children in and outside of schools. We take pride in our engineering and computer sciences curricula that we have specifically designed with industry and academia to energize and excite young minds.

We are mission bound to make STEM fun and real.

We look forward to serving youth in your community.


Jitesh Dua