Question 1: At what age can a child start?

Robofun : Our courses start from the age of 6. If your child is aged between 6-10, he/ she can join junior curriculum and if he is between 11-16, he/ she can join Senior curriculum.

Question 2: I am not sure what is the right level for my child.

Robofun : Not an issue. If your child is between 6-10 and can work with Legos or any other build based toys with at least a hundred components, he can skip junior level 1 and can start from junior level 2 and similarly if he has done any visual programming like scratch or Logo in the School, he can directly start from junior level 3. And with the same logic, for kids in 11-15 age group their exposure to instruction based building, easy programming and knowledge of simple mechanics can help decide the correct level. In our first meeting, we can do this assessment and can help the parents take the right decision.

Question 3 : Are the classes held online or offline?

Robofun : The classes are held offline since the kids are required to build models with their hands and then after programming, they see their creations move which is not possible online.

Question 4: Do we need to buy any kits/ parts?

Robofun : Absolutely not. The kits we are using are from LEGO's and are world class. The flip side is that these kits are very expensive and not affordable for many parents. Keeping that in mind, we have bought a bunch of these kits which the children can use depending on their respective levels. After building the models are dismantled and the components are placed nicely organised in the kits for the other students to use. Please note that the children are not allowed to take these models or any parts home.

Question 5: What do the kids learn?

Robofun : Future-ready leaders are not made at one go! Consistent learning and challenges are required to help students continue to grow. With more than 8 years of experience as a STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) solution provider, we have honed our methods to develop students into future-ready leaders.



1. The QUACK Method start with students questioning the world around them. Our trainers jump-start this by showing them examples that pique their curiosity and make them question why certain phenomena happen - almost like a magic show!

2. Students are then given the explanation for these phenomena so they can understand theoretically.

3. Once they understand the basic theories, they can move on to apply these theories in real life projects and tasks by playing with the relevant kits and sets. Learning through play allows them to make mistakes and testing their assumptions without thinking about examination pressure.

4. Once students gain confidence in their understanding and application, they can now critique their own processes to accomplish a certain task effectively, efficiently or whatever the underlying goal may be. Students are to critique their own work or their classmates' work and learn from each other's insight.

5. At the end, our students will know how to apply the newfound skills and knowledge in their everyday lives and future projects.

Question 6 : How will this course help my child in his studies/ career?

Robofun : During the courses as well in preparing for the competitions like World Robot Olympiad, the kids learn lot of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills) as well as behavioural/ personality skills that include - design thinking, programming, simple and advanced mechanics, vehicle engineering, visualisation, thinking, imagination, collaboration, problem solving, perseverance , learning from mistakes and result orientation.

Question 7 : Can we see some videos of some projects that your students have made?

Robofun : Certainly. Here is a link -

Question 8 : Do you offer a free demo class?

Robofun : Yes, every Saturday 11-11:30. Please call / WhatsApp on 9021190112 to book yours.

Question 9 : How often are the classes held?

Robofun : The classes are held twice a week. Saturday and Sunday 11-1. The students can choose to attend once or twice.

Question 10 : What if my child misses a class?

Robofun : Nothing to worry. Each child works individually on his curriculum. If he is absent for a day or two, he doesn't miss anything. He starts from where he left the last time.

Question 11: Can my child participate in competitions?

Robofun : Of course. Every year Robofun sends its teams to participate in various competitions. If your child is one of the best in his field he will qualify. Sometimes, there is a restriction on the maximum number of students/ teams that can be sent from an institute. In such cases, Robofun reserves the right to select students who can represent us.

Question 12 : Where are you located and do you provide transport?

Robofun : We are located in Pimple Saudagar, near Shivar Chowk. Unfortunately, we do not provide any transport facility as of now.

Question 13 : Can you come and conduct classes at our location?

Robofun : We can definitely consider the possibility if there are enough students and the required infrastructure can be arranged. We can take a decision on case by case basis.

Question 14 : When can we start?

Robofun : You can start any time as each child works individually.